Prayer & Quilt Ministries

Prayer Ministry

God invites us to spend special time with Him, to grow closer to Him and to experience a deeper relationship with Him.  If you have prayer requests that you would like to share with us, there are many ways to get this information to us: 

  • You can fill out the yellow slips in the pews on Sunday, and drop them in the offering plate, or 
  • You can contact the Pastoral Deacons directly.
  • Our Sunday School classes also fill out prayer requests forms each week, and share Joys & Concerns among themselves and with a group of prayer warriors throughout the church.  Classes can print out blank copies here:
Blank Prayers Sheets for SS classes 


The Prayer Team
Chair - Sally Saggio

The Prayer Team is made up of 8 individuals who have a disciplined prayer life, prayer gifts, or a burden on their heart to pray with, and for, the congregation of Siler Presbyterian Church.
The Prayer Team is available to pray with you and for you during communion Sundays and after each service, in the church sanctuary.  Every request is held in the strictest of confidence.  The Prayer Team will also pray with you in your home, in the hospital, after fellowship meetings, Bible study, or committee meetings.  Everyone on the Team considers it a privilege to lift your concerns up to our Lord in prayer.  To contact the Prayer Team, please call Sally Saggio.  You can also email the team at (caps not required)
The Siler Presbyterian Church Prayer Team started off the New Year by giving the congregation 31 days of prayer, but this list is useful EVERY month of the year!:


Prayer Quilt Ministry
Siler Presbyaterian Church is a member of Prayers & Squares, an interfaith outreach community that combines the prayer wtih a gift of a hand-tied quilt.  Each knot on the quilt represents a prayer offered for someone in special need.  That person receives not just a quilt, but a symbol of faith in God, and in His power to comfort, strengthen and heal.  A dedicated and talented group of women in our church design and make lap quilts, with knots tied by the congregation after the two worship services, to give to the Siler community and their families and loved one's suffering with serious health issues, to remind them that they are constantly in our prayers. 
  • If you are a part of the Siler family, fill out an Online Prayer Quilt Request Form and the request will be emailed to a member of the prayer quilt ministry.  
                                           Some of our quilters and quilts...