Dale and Cheryl Ramsey

Dale and Cheryl Ramsey minister thru International Friendships, Inc.  https://www.ifipartners.org/dale-cheryl-ramsey/
They are based in southeast Indiana and fellowship with international students attending the University of Cincinnati.  There are about 3,000 international students and more than 500 visiting scholars plus spouses or families at any given time.  The Ramseys offer friendship, help with American ways, improving English, Bible study, outings, weekend trips,etc.  They are truly seed planters, as these students and scholars are adults with all sorts of preconceived ideas about America and religion.  

Dale and Cheryl ask for prayers:

  • That seeds of  truth will find good soil in the minds and hearts of those studying.
  • That GOD’S Word and Spirit will penetrate the deep spiritual blindness.
  • That as students go back to their countries, others will continue to lead them to salvation.
The Ramseys are very grateful for our support and hope to visit Siler in 2017.