Hearts for Heaven

Hearts for Heaven is a ministry started in Guatemala by Roger and Beth Briggs in  1994.
From dental services, to feeding hungry children, to sharing the Love of JESUS…….the ministry grew. GOD led the Briggs to establish 3 feeding centers in poverty stricken areas.  Today, 1,350 meals offered 3 days each week = 4,050 meals served weekly over 40 weeks.  All the while, sharing JESUS!  In addition, this ministry provides Bible School for @ 550 kids, distributes Christmas gifts to children of 90 churches, has a vocational school which teaches a variety of life skills and ethics, equips Christian workers and teachers, and provides materials to 91 churches in Guatemala and Mexico.  There are always construction projects and work on-going at the different locations.
Roger passed away in October of 2015, but Beth continues to manage the ministry from her home near Charlotte, NC, with the help of the HFH board of directors and the staff in Guatemala. For Beth and the Guatemalan teams, the main focus is salvation of the lost.  Beth shared with Siler, “We could not have done it without your help and prayers.  Thank you so much for being a vital part of Hearts for Heaven.”

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Beth & Roger Briggs             Oscar and Thelma Martin                    Pastor Hugo and Dora

One of the Feeding Centers