Hearts for Heaven Christmas Gift Ministry 2018          
Choose a 1 gallon zip lock style bag, plastic shoebox or average size cardboard shoebox. If a box is used please wrap boxes and lids separately and put a rubber band around the box. A bow may be used to decorate the bag.
Fill your bag or box with gifts including toys, school supplies, undergarments, toothbrush, combs, soap, and a special note and picture, if you like. You may use first names, however, you should not put your full name, address, or email in the box. Please do not include: used items, toy guns, toy knives or camouflage items; chocolate or food; liquids, pastes or lotions; medications or vitamins; aerosol cans or breakables.  Hard candy is ok.
Label your bag or box with one of the following: Boy 4-9, Boy 10-12, Girl 4-9, Girl 10-12
Bring or mail your box to Siler Presbyterian Church during the week of September 23rd. They will then be sorted and packed to be shipped to Guatemala on Friday, October 5th, 2018. 
Please do not place any money or checks in your gift boxes. Donations to cover shipping costs (approximately $6 per shoe box) are greatly appreciated.  They may be provided directly to Hearts For Heaven at PO Box 44022, Columbus, OH 43204 or on their website:
Questions? Contact Karen Sterrett at