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The BIBLE The Word of God  -  Prophets, Apostles, Disciples, etc.  (greatest book ever written)

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens  -  Covey, Sean            

Engage, Inspire, Empower:  A Grown-ups Handbook for Communicating with Teenage Humans  -  Shipp, Josh


Resources For Parents

Kids Stress:  Effective Strategies Parents Can Teach Their Kids for School, Family, Peers, the World - and Everything  Witkin, Georgia

Reviving Ophelia  -  (book for parents raising girls)

Hurt  -   (fantastic book about the hurt our youth experience)

Middle School Ministry  (eye-opening to the stage middle school students are at, and how to minister to them)

Youth Culture 101  -  (exactly what it sounds like)

College Ministry 101  -  (a helpful look at this age group and how to effectively minister to them)

The Hole in Our Gospel  -  (be warned, this book will change your life)

Celebration of Discipline  -  (a must-read for those pursuing spiritual maturity; this book is deep)

The Life You've Always Wanted  -  (a toned-down version of Celebration of Discipline with better stories)

Wild at Heart  -  (to better understand a male in your life)

Captivating  -  (to better understand a female in your life)

Every Young Man's Battle  -  (to better understand the struggles young men go through)

Every Young Woman's Battle  -  (to better understand the struggles yound women go through)


Resources For Children

How to Survive Junior High  Hodgman, Ann and Marx, Patty

Stepping Up - How to Survive Middle School Or Junior High  -  Krueger, Russell 


Resources for College

Blue like Jazz  -  Donald Miller

UnChristian  -  David Kinnaman

Reaching for the Invisible God  -  Philip Yancey

The Journey of Desire  -  John Eldredge

Abba's Child  -  Brennan Manning

The Case For Christ  -  Lee Strobel

College Ministry 101  -  Chuck Bomar

Family Friendly Internet Sites

Parent's Sites

Parent Soup
Kids Health
Family Education Network
Center for Parent/Youth Understanding
College Leader
Ministry to those affected by porn
Internet Filter Software Information
Ryan Patrick Halligan's Bullying Story