Bible Studies & Circles

Bible Studies & Circles
Fall 2017
Come join us in a Bible Study or Circle this fall.  Call the office for contact information about the classes below, or just come, or click CONTACT US at the bottom and send your question.  Bring a friend!  VISITORS are ALWAYS WELCOME in our Bible Studies... we have many from other churches join us, as well as friends who don't regularly attend any church.  The only cost is the workbook (if there is one) which is sometimes $8-20... except the CBS program (check their website). 

Morning Circle
Contact: Diane Countryman  (childcare is available!)
Meets: 1st Tuesday of each month (September - May)    
Time: 9:30am  
Place: Good News Fellowship Hall Room 1-2

Women of Siler Morning Bible Study 
Studying:          The Armor of God
Contact:       Pam Bulluck 
Meets:   Wednesday Mornings
Time:   9:30am
Place:   Fellowship Hall Room 1-2
Women of Siler Evening Bible Study 
Studying:        The Armor of God
Contact:     Becky Harkey & Lee Flowers 
Meets: Wednesday evenings, resumes September 2017                       
Time: 7:00pm
Place: Jessie Plyler Fellowship Hall Room 4 
Pastor’s Bible Study   
Studying:     Revelation
Contact: Pastor Bruce Powell
Meets: Wednesday evenings, year-round, jump in anytime 
Time: 7:00pm
Place: Good News Fellowship Hall Room 1 

Men of the Church Bible Study 
Contact: Perry Somers
Meets: 1st & 3rd Saturdays                                          
Time: 8:00am
Place: Church Office Conference Room   

Community Bible Study    
Studying:   The Book of Acts (2017-2018)
Contact:   Rosy Farrell at Siler
Meets:  Thursdays, resumes September 7, 2017
Time:  9:30am
Place:  Fellowship Hall

Tuesday Morning Circle                                      Wednesday Morning 'The Amazing Collection'

Wednesday Night Pastor's Bible Study                         Wed. Night Women of Siler Bible Study