Global Missions
Global Missions Committee
  • Target membership is 6-10 people.
  • Skills needed to serve include a heart for missions and service.

Leadership Roles:
  • Chairman – Calls and conducts meetings, provides general leadership; ensures Session liaison has committee updates. Members serve a two-year term and no more than two consecutive terms.
  • Vice-Chairman – Conducts meetings in absence of chairman; succeeds chair to lead committee.
  • Secretary / Communications – Record minutes, send to chair for distribution; communicate with (future) communications committee for publicizing events.

Mission Statement: To focus on the scriptural purpose of the Great Commission by encouraging and supporting missionaries overseas, establishing short term mission trips and educating and informing the Siler congregation.

Meeting Frequency: Monthly

Committee Responsibilities:
  • Pray regularly and encourage the congregation to pray for the missionaries Siler supports.
  • Develop and promote relationships between Siler and missionaries.
  • Pledge to provide annual support to selected missionaries.
  • Distribute emergency care as deemed appropriate (financial or other).
  • Spearhead efforts to provide financial gifts or care packages to selected missionaries.
  • Reach out to mission agencies to identify missionaries who fulfill Siler’s mission values.
  • Require existing missionaries receiving support from Siler to complete an annual financial and project questionnaire.
  • Provide oversight to Siler sponsored mission trips.
  • Pledge to provide support to mission support agencies.
  • Serve as a liaison between missionaries/mission agencies and the Siler congregation through:
    • Updating the Mission Bulletin Board
    • Inviting missionaries to speak in worship, to Sunday Schools, during VBS, etc.
    • Maintaining ongoing email dialogue with missionaries
    • Providing Moments for Missions during Sunday worship