Local Missions Committee
Local Missions Committee
Chair - Tom Wilson
Session Rep - Tom Wilson 
  • Membership is open members of the congregation with a heart for serving God through local missions. Minimum of six members. Maximum of twelve members.
  • Working knowledge of ministries that Siler supports. Ability to communicate with multiple agencies. Regular attendance at committee meetings. Act as liaison with outside agencies and possibly serve them as a volunteer or in a leadership role.
Leadership Roles:
  • Chairman; Responsible for organizing the committee and the meetings logistics. Provide vision base on the church’s mission statement. Prepare budget with membership’s input and approval. Chairman will serve for a two-year term. Elected by the Committee.
  • Vice-Chairman; (Future Chairman) Act as the chairman in the chairman’s absence. Will serve for a minimum of one year before becoming chairman. Elected by the Committee.
  • Secretary; Keeps record of meetings and submits them to Session. Appointed by the Chairman.
Mission Statement:
Lead the congregation in its commitment to reach the world for Christ as we send and support many laborers into the harvest, as we seek to fulfill the Great Commission. Achievement of this will be measured by our ability to 1) reach the community, 2) provide hands-on experience to the members of the congregation including families and youth, and 3) provide board members to local organization when appropriate. The committee will report directly to the Session. Included in the committee are one Session and Pastoral Deacon serving as a liaison.

Meeting FrequencyEvery other month
Committee Responsibilities:
  • Prepare budget to be approved by Session distributing funds to local missions.
  • Review request for new mission’s expenditures
  • Assist any individual or group wishing to participate in an activity with a local mission. Coordinate and facilitate such participation when needed.
  • Provide opportunities for youth members to get involved in local missions by providing a liaison with the youth program.
  • Provide funding in line with the church’s core values in way that assures proper return on investment.