Nominating Committee

Personnel Committee
Chair - Bob Moore
Session Rep - Angela Thompson

Mission Statement: The Personnel Committee will support Siler staff to encourage professional development/growth, provide fair compensation, and deliver feedback to ensure employee success.

Members: Committee members should have knowledge of human resources and personnel procedures, the ability to maintain confidentiality and have good written and verbal communications. Committee members are selected by current serving members based upon their skills and knowledge. The committee chair calls and facilitates meetings and attends Session meeting to represent the committee.

  • There should be a minimum of 5 committee members and will be adjusted based upon the number of staff.
  • Committee period of service is 4 years.

Leadership Roles:

  • Chairman – Calls and conducts meetings, provides general leadership; ensures Session liaison has committee updates. Members serve a two-year term and no more than two consecutive terms.
  • Vice-Chairman – Conducts meetings in absence of chairman; succeeds chair to lead committee.
  • Secretary - Records and distributes minutes

Meeting Frequency: Meetings are primarily during the annual review process and other times of the year as needed.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Develop job descriptions for all staff (including hourly, salary and other contract employees).
  • Collect information from the congregation, pastor, committees and officers to provide feedback and coaching to staff members.
  • Compile and perform annual reviews for staff members.
  • Maintain historical and current personnel records.
  • Make recommendations to the Session regarding salary actions for staff members.
  • Partner with search committees regarding hiring recommendations. Prepare and present to the Session recommendations regarding salaries for new hires.
  • Analyze insurance needs and options including costs of staff members and keep the Session informed of increases and propose adjustments as needed.
  • Develop and maintain tools to conduct annual reviews and encourage staff professional development.