Property Deacons
Class of 2018              

Class of 2019

Class of 2020  







Darryl Ammons (Chair) Roger Ellison Gary Baucom  


Jane Lutz Fred Hartis Scott Bulluck  


Bobby Pulley Rick Rhea Boyd Brown  


Bruce Sterrett Lyle Richards Bonita Somers  



The duties of the Property Deacons include:

  • Oversight and care of our church facilities and maintenance of all grounds and buildings on the Siler Campus.  This includes all property, both real and personal, which must be maintained and managed and repaired. 
  • Assist in the worship of God by preparing the facility and items used for worship and by caring for such things. 
  • Receive the regular offering and any special offerings that may be taken. 
  • Work with the Pastor and the Worship Committee on these areas of worship.  A list of specific duties is to be maintained by the chair of the Worship Committee.