Communications Committee

Communication Committee
Chair - Phyllis Pincus
Session Rep - Gary Sharpe 



  • Target 3-5 members
  • Targeted skills needed: software experience and information acquisition skills

Leadership Roles:

  • Chairman - Lead committee and oversee committee actions
  • Vice-Chairman - To back up Chairman
  • Secretary - record & distribute minutes, track assignments, and send reminders to members

Mission Statement: To foster communications within and outside our church, to enable us to better Glorify God, Invite All, Grow in Faith, and Serve our Lord.

Meeting Frequency:

  • Quarterly meetings to outline needs/actions, provide update to Session.
  • Monthly e-meetings to discuss projects, progress, troubleshoot.

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Keep Website updated (Bulletins, Sermons, Youth/Children Updates, Monthly Highlights, SS/BS topics, Missions, WOS, MOC, Forms/Registrations, Committee pages, etc.)
  • Make appropriate postings on Church Facebook page
  • Make flyers (ex. Grow In Faith) as needed/requested
  • Web-based staff emails and donation acceptance
  • Generate new Church Photo Directory every 5-10 years 
  • Maintain Directory/Military Bulletin Boards