Pastor's Message 

If I have heard it once I have heard it a thousand times, “Siler is Special!.” Those who have been here a while cer-tainly find it a special place to serve God, and most newcomers find their home here because of the atmosphere and spirit of this church. What makes a church special and what in particular makes Siler special? Forgive me for interjecting my own opinion here, but I believe that which makes any church special is centered in relationships and commitment to God and to one another. My concern is that we will think it common place and not work to ensure a special place for our future. Like all relationships, it takes ef-fort. Since our people are the real reason Siler is Spe-cial, let me remind you of what it takes to keep this a special place to serve the Lord.

First, we need to thank our senior members who have labored so diligently over the years, often through ad-verse circumstances, to create a special place for us. It didn’t just happen; it was faithfulness which brought us to this place. That faithfulness was demonstrated by our experienced members who made sure the Spirit of God was felt through the people of God. Don’t forget those who paved the way and created this caring loving church of which we could be a part. They still labor now to keep this place a special setting for worship and ser-vice. Give God thanks for them, and do it in their presence.

Next, we need to work to keep this congregation a place others will find special. Let’s even pray that God would help us do more for this purpose. Here are a few things you and I can do to help Siler remain that special place.
  • Be specifically encouraging to one another. Make it your habit to lift someone up with a comment or a note about how special they are to Siler. You don’t even have to know them well to tell them you ap-preciate their service and presence at church.
  • Demonstrate care to those going through a difficult time. Perhaps nothing shows how special our church is like loving on others. We all go through needful times and to just know that someone cares means the world. There are a number of ways to do this. You can pull them aside at the church and have a prayer with them, call them on the phone for the same, cards or emails with an encouraging word, even visit them.
  • Be available to listen to each other.
  • Support each other even when we stumble in our walk with Christ. Don't condone someone’s sin, but don’t hide from a sister or brother who makes a mistake either.
  • Support those who are doing a job for the Lord. Officers, treasurers, Sunday school teachers, youth workers, children’s ministry leaders, ushers, Bible study leaders, and many more who are doing ministries that we probably do not want to do.  As they carry out these ministries to the best of their ability, support them and encourage them even if we don’t always think they are ding it the way we would.
  • Pray for them personally and specifically.

This is just a small list of suggestions of how we can work to keep Siler special. Most importantly, we need to keep ourselves spiritually on target. Walk with God and that alone will help us to be special.