Siler Presbyterian Women - Honorary Life Membership Award
The Honorary Life Membership Award is considered each year and typically presented on Mother's Day. The award is given to a Siler woman who has contributed to the life of the church over a sustained period of time (8-10 years or more). The recipient of the award receives a specially designated pin which is presented at an appropriate worship service.
Nomination Process

* Announcement will be made in the January Newsletter, in at least three weekly bulletins, at circle meetings and Bible Studies.
* Nominations for this award must be submitted by the 15th of March each year.
* Nominations may be submitted on line or by providing written nomination which describes the contributions of the nominee. This is placed in the box for the PW in the church office.
* Any nominations submitted will remain in the pool of candidates for three years.
* All nominations will be considered at the March meeting of the Women of Siler.

* All women attending the Women of Siler meeting, held on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00, are eligible to vote.
* An initial vote will determine the top three candidates.
* A final vote will determine the recipient.
* The name of the recipient is not revealed until the award is presented.
* The President or her designee will coordinate the details of the presentation:
---> Notification of recipient's family
---> Securing the pin
---> Assuring that the name is engraved on the plaque
---> Presenting the award during the appropriate worship service
---> Arranging a picture to be taken
---> Providing a copy of the presentation to the Historian to be included in the Annual History
Honorary Life Membership -
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